Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ed io sarò tua guida...

«Ond' io per lo tuo me' penso e discerno
Che tu mi segui, ed io sarò tua guida,
E trarrotti di qui per loco eterno...»

[Therefore, for your sake, I do think and discern
That you should follow me, and I will be your guide,
And bring you hence through that eternal place...]

--Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy: Inferno

As I said in the post prior, I created this page as a distraction and as an excuse to practice translation. It should still fulfill these functions, but I would also like it to serve as a journal of my experiences. By journal, I do not mean a daily accounting in the sense of the word's root. There will be gaps, compressions and extensions of time, chronological reorderings; parts will stand in for the whole and much will go untold. I hope though that it will record in some part the details and thoughts that comprise my life.

As before, I will depend heavily on excerpts of texts. At times, the words of others will stand in for my own. At others, they will merely inform or mirror the words I use to tell my story. And sometimes, as is in the nature of graduate studies, the texts themselves will be the story.

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